UI Design for various Brandmovers Projects

Art Direction, UI, UX, Web Development, Social Media Marketing

Client: Brandmovers India

Brandmovers is an international digital marketing giant and in collaboration with their Indian division we designed and executed a variety of bespoke digital projects

Superdry Tweetfuel

Superdry was driving down a custom Morgan 3 Wheeler from the car factory in UK to their new store in Mumbai.

We designed a tweet-powered gamified tracker that let people win prizes as they followed the Morgan along on the journey.

Oz the Great & Powerful

Disney needed a digital campaign to go with their movie launch in the US so we designed a game based on following the yellow brick road all the way to the Emerald city by using graphical elements from the movie and its promotions itself.

55DSL by Diesel

#55SecondstoLive for the Diesel sub-brand was a digital campaign run on the concept of people expressing what they would do if they had just 55 seconds to live. A virtual city was designed and populated with tweets as people sent them out.

VSP Look & Find

VSP is a leading American eyecare brand and we developed a beach themed maze game for them that could be played off facebook.